Anonymous asked:
    killin it my dood!! blaring your shit in california. ▲ S O S A ▲ you're helping me be proud to be from chicago


    Anonymous asked:
    niggas in jersey fucks wit you and ya crews music, we screamin Sosa errday


    lacrave asked:
    On some real i am in fuccin love with your music !!!! I listen to you every day! LOL!


    Anonymous asked:
    you need to tour the UK!!!!!!


    Anonymous asked:
    u a real nigga

    i know

    Anonymous asked:
    Collabo? I got 4 stacks on it

    10 bands

    Anonymous asked:
    I Got All My Young Niggas N Miami On You N Got Most Niggas In Dade On You On Gs I Jus Turned 18 U Motivate A Nigga To Get It In The Future I Hope Our Paths Cross N Yo Ad Lib #GoGoooooooGo Be The Livest

    keep it up #300

    Anonymous asked:
    young talent from chicago is gold. stay on top and dont get faded to hard. music over anything


    Anonymous asked:
    i love your music <3 would you rap for me ?

    yu gone pay ?

    Anonymous asked:
    what u bang?